Non-Violence is the Highest Religion

The soul in its pure form is imbedded with infinite perception, knowledge, happiness and vigor. These attributes are not, however, manifested by the worldly soul, because it is smeared with Karmas
( Karma is a deed good or bad. Upon its maturing it bears fruit. ).

The basic purpose of religion is the upliftment of the soul, which may also be considered a restrained life. For this purpose, various rituals have been devised which help in progressive ridding of impurities and defilements. These will eventually liberate the soul from the bondages of Karmas.

One of the most important rituals is Pratikraman, which must be preformed by all Jains young or old. During this ritual we can review our impure activities daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The sooner we realize our mistakes and ask forgiveness, the easier it will be to shed off the bondage of Karmas on our soul.

The ritual of Pratikraman is devised to cover six essentials to be performed by everyone. Let us try to understand their significance in our daily life. They are:

1. SAMAYIK To stay in equanimity.

Adoration and worship of 24 Thirthankars.

3. VANDANA Obedience to Monks and Nuns.
4. PRATIKRAMAN Turning back to Self.
5. KAYOTSARGA Meditation on Self.
6 . PRATYAKHYAN Vow for some enouncement.

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